[Jean-Maxime Labrecque, architect - Architectural Surgery - COVER IMG] Jean-Maxime Labrecque

Architectural Surgery

Firm LocationMontreal, Canada
Project locationWestmount, Canada
CompanyJean-Maxime Labrecque, architect
Lead ArchitectJean-Maxime Labrecque
Design TeamGabriel Patry-Larose, Audrey Lalancette, Maxime Beaulieu, Isabelle Campeau, Hassan Saab, Bahia Burias
ClientAli and Arash Izadpanah

Architectural surgery. A tribute was paid to a 1910 heritage building by removing all existing generic offices partitions and suspended ceilings, on every floor. The uncovered original concrete ceiling structure is entirely illuminated. Two triangular sculptures, a mezzanine and an administrative space, are carefully placed in the new 5.5-meters-high majestic main volume to create an architectural promenade for the users of this medical clinic. Precise symmetry is established in the entrance hall. Each office has the privilege of a sculpture, i.e. building columns or traces of its concrete.