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Kaizen Campus

Firm LocationThessaloniki, Greece
CompanyUrban Soul Project
Lead ArchitectChristina Petsiou, Meni Kontakioti
Design TeamIoanna Alexi, Ioanna Tzampazi, Mary Mavrogennidou, Alkistis Broutzou, Natasa Zarogoulidou, Eleni Chousen, Eleni Marmaridou, Rania Pantzi, Iris Triantafillidou, Sofia Nikopoulou, Iro Chatzivasiliou, Evaggelia Tsoutsa, Athina Rizopoulou, Partner in Charge: Tasos Georgantzis
ClientKaizen Gaming

Kaizen Campus is a modern office building of high standards. Its main functions include three types of closed offices, open spaces, meeting rooms, and a reception area. Based on the needs of each Kaizen Gaming department, each space is designed accordingly. The work areas provide a gradation of work-styles, from individual to teamwork, accommodating the needs for adaptability and collaboration. The LEED Gold certification's requirements acted as a key factor in the selection of materials that ensure the good health and overall well-being of all employees.