Work & Co São Paulo

Firm LocationSão Paulo , Brazil
CompanyEstudio Guto Requena
Lead ArchitectGuto Requena
Design TeamCreative Direction: Guto Requena, Tomás Faria | Operational director: Ludovica Leone | Project Coordination: Fabiana Paiva, Carolina Lacquila | Team: Mateus Fraga, João Vargas, Phllipe Zucker, Rodolfo Torres, Gabriel Tescaro | Communication: Thalissa Bechelli | Photos: Maíra Acayaba
ClientWork & Co

Work & Co’s new office has three integrated floors connected by floor-to-ceiling glass, with unobstructed views of the surroundings. Wood, terracotta panels, and vast vegetation throughout the space inject Brazilian design, harmoniously connecting a contemporary aesthetic to the historic neighborhood of Vila Madalena, São Paulo. The project translates the innovative approach to the company’s work in the digital world into physical design and architectural values. Minimalist, the space is adaptable to different ways to uses workspaces today - team meetings, events, and everyday office life.