Stella PCC

Firm LocationShenzhen, China
Lead ArchitectHoward J. Wang, Michael Dungca
Design TeamLeo Lin, Bruce Li, Juily Li, Kevin Wu, Mia Wang, Yachi Zhang, Fanticn Hu
ClientStella International Holding

The creative center takes 40,000 sqm over four stories, including production lines, open office, a laboratory, showrooms, fitting rooms, a collaboration lounge and a material warehouse. Mild skylights framed in grid ceilings of the lobby offers a sense of calmness and elegance. The use of simple and raw materials, such as wood, cement plaster panels and raw steels, helped to create intimacy and coziness within the wide-open industrial settings. Desfa tries to create a secure and friendly working environment that will enhance teamwork while manifesting the value and aesthetics of the brand.