[JOI-Design Innenarchitekten AD joehnk + partner mbB - Olympus Campus Hamburg - COVER IMG] 01_JOI-Design_Olympus Campus Hamburg_entrance hall with public spaces and Medical Showroom

Olympus Campus Hamburg

Firm LocationHamburg, Germany
CompanyJOI-Design Innenarchitekten AD joehnk + partner mbB
Lead ArchitectSabrina Voecks

JOI-Design brought hospitality nous to Japanese medtech firm Olympus’ new 11-story, 35,000-m2 German & EMEA headquarters to encourage employee collaboration for optimal customer solutions. Olympus’ brand identity & scientific ‘lenses’ inspired the minimalist lobby, café & Medical Showroom glimpsed through a blue iridescent glass wall. Diverse meeting ‘worlds’ developed with employee input reference video games, nautical elements, nature & multicultural cooperation. Think-tank spaces & ‘creative corners’ for spontaneous brainstorming help capture the free-flowing ideas that lead to innovation.