[Perkins&Will São Paulo - Timbro Trading - COVER IMG] Perkins&Will reproduces the operating universe of the trading company Timbro in its new office. Credit: © Renato Navarro

Timbro Trading

Firm LocationSão Paulo, Brazil
Project locationSão Paulo, Brazil
CompanyPerkins&Will São Paulo
Lead ArchitectFernando Vidal
Design TeamFernando Vidal, Douglas Tolaine, Lara Kaiser, Paula Caçador, Carlos Andrigo, Cyntia Ayres, Cesar Tadao, Felipe Borgerth, Fabio Jungstedt

The Brazilian foreign trade company Timbro entrusted Perkins&Will São Paulo with the mission of shaping its current situation. The building chosen to host the new office has a facade with details in oxidized copper sheets, in a greenish hue, referring to one of the products imported by Timbro, copper. This was the starting point for the design of the interiors, which sought to refer to easily identifiable and representative elements of the company's activities. We seek to reproduce a universe that makes sense for employees and, at the same time, is easy for visitors to understand.