[New World China - Renovation of The Canton Place - COVER IMG] Renovation of The Canton Place

Renovation of The Canton Place

Firm LocationHong Kong, Hong Kong
Project locationZhujiang New Town, Guangzhou, China
CompanyNew World China
Lead ArchitectGLC – Simon Ye, KMCM – Luo Wen
Design TeamNew World China – Janet Yu GLC – Li Lin, Simon Ye, Jason Zhang, Kris Huang KMCM - Luo Wen, Liu Yaoqing, Xu Jing, Chen Shaoxia, Tang Bin, Mo Yideng, Li Shiting, Huang Jiayong, Tang Jinyang, Luo Mingfeng, Liu Xiaohao, He Xiaobo, Zeng Kangdi, Pan Jinqiang, Chen Canjia, Zhao Qing
ClientGLC (GZ) Co., Ltd, KMCM

With the concept of “GARDEN-LLERY” which means Garden + Gallery, integrated with the philosophy of Art.Humanity.Nature, the design not only redefines retail/ dining experience through a natural, literary and elegant aesthetic temperament, but also transforms the Canton Place into a social and cultural destination for human activities, communication and interaction. The Butterfly, an iconic interactive waterplay sculpture merging with the greenery, reshapes the identity of the Canton Place successfully and helps bringing people joyful and precious moments which are remarkable and unforgettable.