[Architecturama - Growing Living Architecture - COVER IMG] James Brittain photography

Growing Living Architecture

Firm LocationMontreal, Canada
Project locationSaint-Alphonse-Rodriguez, Québec (Canada)
Lead ArchitectSylvain Bilodeau + Nicolas Mathieu Tremblay
Design TeamMunicipality of St-Alphonse-Rodriguez (collaborator) — Volunteers commitee (Céline Rainville, Lise Sarrazin, Geneviève Lamarche, Sylvie Desbiens) — Ramo (provider, willow nursery) — James Brittain Photography
ClientGrant from the Lanaudière territorial partnership program and the Conseil des arts et des lettres du Québec.

The project consists of growing a living architectural structure made of fast-growing willow. The installation serves as a sculptural signal element, a shelter and a gathering place for the community. Man’s affinity with the natural world is obvious and, in the increasingly technological and abstract world we live in, manifests itself as a need to reconnect with the real world and its sensory richness. This construction is fully integrated into the natural cycles of water and air, and aim to create an object that evolve with the seasons and contribute to the ecosystems.