[ROSOart and In To The woods & co. - White Feather Bank  - COVER IMG] Photo credit: FIXER Photographic Studio

White Feather Bank

Firm LocationTaichung, Taiwan
CompanyROSOart and In To The woods & co.
Lead ArchitectShih-Yuan Wang, Yu-Ting Sheng
Design TeamShih-Yuan Wang,Yu-Ting Sheng, Chun-Chuan Lo, Sheng-Da Tasi, Iyo Anca
ClientHualien Indigenous People Department

White Feather Bank(pahanhannan), an Amis word that means "a place to adjust breathing", is a unique pavilion that combines functional use with aesthetic appeal. It serves as a place for local residents to catch their breath after collecting from the ocean and wild lands, as well as a space for travelers to take a break and adjust their pace of life along the Pacific Ocean. It is a creation of the local community and the city, representing the intersection of art and practicality.