An immersive outdoor game scene in Chongqing,China

Firm LocationChongqing, China
Project locationChongqing
Lead ArchitectLi Hui
Design TeamLi Yansa, Yu Zhifu, Ou Jian, Shi Guilin, Guo Xuecan, Tong Wenjing, Liu Yan ZhouXinyu,ZhaoTong,LiuXiangyu,LiLi, Jian Mengjie, Wang Yuanyuan, Gu Yu, He Mi, Zhang Shuzhen, Liu Ailing, Song Zhaobing, Yao Songong and Hua Daibiao
ClientChongqing Nanchuan Yonglong Development Company

Unlike the passive culture and tourism programs like performances and light shows, this project attempts to fundamentally change the underlying logic of cultural and tourist experience. Based on the original landform of the site and the rich biological resources, we created 12 themed spaces, with plants, atmosphere and scenes as the clues. Different natural scenes, interactive installations, lighting and artistic installations, and cultural elements are introduced to every themed space. The themes of these spaces connect the trip of “looking for the elves” together perfectly.