Exploring the development paradigm of water-city symbiosis:The planning and design practice of ecological water corridor in Jurong Economic Development Zone, Jiangsu.

Firm Locationnanjing, China
CompanyNanjing Municipal Design and Research Institute Co, Ltd.
Lead ArchitectDesheng Dai
Design TeamYa Meng , Xiangyun Li, Yan Gao , Kaili Hu, Fang Liu , Zili Ding , Anqi Bai, Guodong Chen, Xiaojing Li, Binbin Zhou, Fulin Zhang , Rong Ren, Xiufeng Gao ,Shujun Pan, Zhe Jin, Shengtai Zhang,Qiang Zhang,Qianyun Li
ClientJiangsu Jurong Xinnong Holdings Group CO,LTD.

Based on the needs of people and urban development, this plan maps Maslow's demand hierarchy to urban development, builds a water-city symbiosis with "resilience, ecology, vitality and characteristics", and gives the city an endogenous driving force for regional coordinated development. In the implementation of the project, it has achieved good application results, successfully approved the demonstration project of Xingfu River and Lake in Jiangsu Province and the ecological river course in Jiangsu Province, and was reported by many media and widely praised by residents and all walks of life.