[AECOM Hong Kong - Kai Tak Cruise Terminal - COVER IMG] By integrating this once inaccessible corner of Kowloon into the public open space network, Kai Tak Cruise Terminal becomes an important link between the developments in the district. Photo Credit: AECOM & Vorrarit Anantsorrarak

Kai Tak Cruise Terminal

Firm LocationHong Kong, Hong Kong
Project locationHong Kong, China
CompanyAECOM Hong Kong
Lead ArchitectAECOM
Design TeamDavid Jung, Thanida Green Rakvongthai, Ivan Valin, Vanessa Cheung, Sylvia Ng, Shing Cheng, Joseph Claghorn
ClientDragages Hong Kong Limited

The Kai Tak Cruise Terminal is one of the world's foremost cruise facilities located at the tip of Hong Kong's old airport runway. Besides underscoring the city's legacy as an international transit hub, it integrates this once inaccessible corner of Kowloon with the new public open space network in the district. A cruise terminal facility would typically be exclusive for travellers. However, Kai Tak subverts the typology by creating a multifunctional leisure and tourism destination, a floating oasis integrating the city's energy and landscapes in Asia's most extensive public rooftop park.