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Firm LocationBangkok, Thailand
Lead ArchitectMiss Nipaporn Vibulchak
Design TeamMr.Pasongjit Kaewdang (Managing Director), Mr.Noraset Siriaphornthum, Mr.Fatif Paramal, Miss Satida Sarasalin
ClientAP (THAILAND) Public Company Limited

Sierra Sathorn, the experimental prototype to promote the concept of urban terrarium. In the fast-growing urbanization, the team plans to maximize capacity of its landscape for new design standards of high-rise development. Not only concerning of aesthetic aspect, Sierra Sathorn cherishes the relationship of urban ecosystem services. The team collaborates with AR to transform a typical podium building, to the new terraced landscape with green linkage space. Moreover, the notion of this urban terrarium will create positive ripple effects to future development for private sector’s green network.