TOD Integrated Urban Design of Tianfu Station Transportation Hub

Firm LocationChengdu, China
Project locationChengdu,China
CompanyCSWADI;Aedas;China Railway Eryuan Engineering Group Co., Ltd.
Lead ArchitectLiu Yi, Wen Zixian, Yu Xiaoman, Jia Zhendong
Design TeamChina Southwest Architectural Design & Research Institute Co., LTD.(CSWADI) : Liu Yi, Yu Xiaoman, Jia Zhendong, Lin Lin, Pu Qingfeng, Gu Zhengrong, Wu Ruihua, Zhang Chi, Huang Zetao, Li Xiaogeng, Guo Jinbo Aedas Architects (Beijing) Co., Ltd. : Wen Zixian, Huo Ning, Lin Zihuan, Wen Yaochun
ClientChengdu Rail City Investment Group Co., LTD.

The TOD project is situated on the eastern side of Chengdu Tianfu New District in Sichuan, China.Faced with complex demands, the design team successfully resolved the current situation that the existing high-speed rail hub is separated from the city. Taking the traffic hub as the center of urban life, laying out the functions of urban in three-dimensional way, so that the rail hub and the city blends into one.The local ecological resources are used to integrate the hub into nature, and the meaning of "building a nest to attract phoenixes" is used to form an urban living room loved by citizens.