[REHAU - RAUVISIO ingrain - COVER IMG] RAUVISIO ingrain™ wood fiber laminate is incorporated into the kitchen and center wall of this residence. Curated for high contrast between the light and dark design elements, the RAUVISIO ingrain Nomad Oak 1338 surface is the focal point for depth and te

RAUVISIO ingrain

LocationCranbury, United States
Lead DesignerREHAU Furniture Solutions Engineering

REHAU’s RAUVISIO ingrain™ wood fiber laminate combines natural wood fibers with synchronized etching for a luxurious veneer aesthetic. Its distinctive combination of fibers and dimensional gloss channels light and contrast for a hyper-realistic effect. The laminate is cellulose fibers derived from wood pulp bonded using vegetable-based adhesives, resulting in a high-performing, sustainable surface. With high-definition printing and precision REHAU LaserEdge™ duo-gloss embossing, the immersive patterns of RAUVISIO ingrain deliver an atmosphere of eco-conscience luxury to designed spaces.