[Niagara - Niagara Phantom One Piece - COVER IMG] Niagara Phantom One Piece

Niagara Phantom One Piece

LocationDenver, United States
Lead DesignerKevin Kennedy
Design TeamCarl Wehmeyer, David Jones, Kevin Kennedy

The Phantom One Piece is a blend of modern design and technology, offering industry leading performance that reduces water consumption and utility costs. It includes Niagara’s patented, award winning Stealth Technology®, which re-engineered the flush into a high-power, low-maintenance, water-efficient solution that has saved billions of gallons of water. At 0.8 GPF, the Phantom flushes 1,000g of miso, is WaterSense certified and surpasses all drain line carry standards. Ideal for residential, multifamily and hospitality, it offers a elongated bowl and concealed trapway that's easy to clean.