[Persia Photography Center - New Plasco Commercial Building - COVER IMG] Raised from Fire / Parham Taghioff

New Plasco Commercial Building

LocationTehran, Iran (Islamic Republic of)
StudioPersia Photography Center
PhotographerParham Taghioff

New Plasco Commercial Building Tehran, Iran. Architect: KRDS Plasco was a 17-story building located at the heart of Tehran’s Downtown. This construction collapsed on 19 January 2017 during a high-rise fire. The building had a 15 stories tower in front and 5 stories separate building on the backside. The tower part burnt down completely during the fire and 16 firefighters and 6 others died during the fire, but the Backside building remained restored as it was. In Oct 2018, a design competition was held openly for designing a new Plasco building as a perdurable national monument. This design was