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Casa MP

Firm LocationZapopan, Mexico
CompanyJDEstudio + KREstudio
Lead ArchitectJavier Dueñas and Kenya Rodriguez
Design TeamConstruction Direction: Arq. Jaime de Obeso Nuñez General Contractor: Jesús Sánchez Architecture Design Team: Gabriela Olivares Interior Design Team: Ruth Encino, Mariana Cabrera - Kenya Rodriguez Estudio Advisors: CDM Casas de México Woodwork: Creativos en Carpintería and Iñaki Sierra Kitchen: Kitchenhouse Lightning Design: Artenluz Landscaping: Madre Selva

The house is laid in three primeval bodies relating to 3 patios.The first body: Of introspective character, sober on the outside, but concealing a creative universe within. All characteristics that can only come from the human being that makes sense to them: the Mollusk.On the other end, lies the third of the bodies.A dynamic, mutable, and spontaneous body. Filled with meaningful objects and furniture. Unique, highly personal, and with a classical yet playful character, like a Panther. Both bodies are the generators of a sort of tension that reunites and releases: The Shared Universe.