[MQ Architecture - Junipers Workshop - COVER IMG] Photography by Imagen Subliminal

Junipers Workshop

Firm LocationNew York, United States
CompanyMQ Architecture
Lead ArchitectMiguel Quismondo AIA with Juan Carlos Bragado
Design TeamTeam: Jacobo Mingorance, Ignacio De Siloniz Contractor: HNL Construction
ClientJuniper Design

Juniper's Workshop, located in the heart of SoHo on 1 Crosby St, required a flexible and collaborative hub, showcasing the technical aspects of their lighting systems, while including a kitchenette, bathroom, smart product storage, workstations, phone booth, conference room, and a full collection systems display. A full perimetral intervention allowed us to free the center space for multiple uses. Wet rooms and mechanical spaces are condensed in the Northside of the plan, while all the lighting products of the company are, displayed, and stored inside the vignettes within the East wall.