DJI Sky City

Firm LocationShanghai, China
Project locationShenzhen, China
CompanyW&B Design International Pty. Ltd.
Lead ArchitectJohn Tian
Design TeamMark Dunstan、Scott Wegener、Rongzhang He、ChunxiaoTang、Li Liu、Jiangbo Li、Juncong Zheng、Xiaoxia Fu、Yufeng Zhou、Yufan Huang

The starting point for W & B Design was to combine the innovative gene of DJI with the suspended pod style architectural characteristics of the Foster + Partners’ high-tech buildings.Through the introspection of the old and new world order and the integration needs between high-rise buildings of the modern city and natural environment, W & B Design explored the combination and innovation for natural wildness and regular city, innovative organic design techniques, enhancing communication experiences of unique spaces at high altitudes between human and nature.