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Prime Seafood Palace

Firm LocationToronto, Canada
Project locationToronto, Ontario, Canada
CompanyOmar Gandhi Architects
Lead ArchitectOmar Gandhi with Stephanie Hosein
Design TeamOmar Gandhi, Stephanie Hosein, Jeff Walker, John Gray Thomson, Chad Jamieson, Lauren McCrimmon, Kristi MacDonald, Liam Thornewell

Prime Seafood Palace was imagined as a light-filled wood cathedral, lining an otherwise inconspicuous existing brick-clad building in Toronto. The principal goal was to create a timeless space, with local, natural materials that develop a patina and continue to enrich the restaurant over time. Designing with wood and light was the starting point for the design. The neutral material palette creates a backdrop for the main act - the unpretentious but exceptional food of cherished Canadian chef Matty Matheson.