[He Art Museum - HEM Restaurant - COVER IMG] HEM Restaurant and Untitled (2008) by Tony Cragg

HEM Restaurant

Firm LocationFoshan, China
CompanyHe Art Museum
Lead ArchitectTadao Ando

He Art Museum (HEM), is a family founded, non-profit private art museum designed by Tadao Ando. HEM currently unveils China's first restaurant designed by Tadao Ando. With the opening of Japanese Omakase Sushi Man and Shunde creative desserts FEI LABO, the two-storey restaurant that sustains Lingnan (Cantonese) architectural heritage, has embraced art, food and lifestyle together. HEM restaurant covers 442 square meters and its gross floor area is 756 square meters. Built with steel frame structure, it applies Ando’s signature slick concrete and glass window exterior.