[Studio Seilern Architects - Andermatt Concert Hall - COVER IMG] Roland Halbe

Andermatt Concert Hall

Firm LocationLondon, United Kingdom
Project locationAndermatt, Switzerland
CompanyStudio Seilern Architects
Lead ArchitectChristina Seilern
Design TeamChristina Seilern, Marcos Velasco, Alberto Favaro, Brigitta Hajdu, Jonathan Wrynne, Ruby Law, Tasos Theodorakakis, Hana Potisk, Sonia Theodosiadi, Enrique Pujana

Andermatt Concert Hall has brought high culture to an Alpine Ski village of Andermatt and successfully reinvigorated the area, hosting concerts by world-renowned musicians and orchestras. The hall's design features a raised roof to double the acoustic volume, and glass façade, providing natural light and a connection to the surrounding scenery to the audience. The acoustic reflectors are visible from the street, creating a piece of public art that can be seen by the passers-by. ACH came to life with inagurated by the Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra.