[WE LIVE ARCHITECTS (WE LIVE) - Joybo Farm - COVER IMG] JOYBO FARM - a country club that releases nature

Joybo Farm

Firm LocationChengdu, China
Project locationChongqing,China
Lead ArchitectWeitaoLi , BoLi
Design TeamMingxinDing,SiqiYi,DingZhang,LinDeng,LianglingYang,PinLv,RuizhiZhang,HongyuChen,YuxianChen,YuqingXie,HongqiaoSu,YulianWang
ClientChongqing JOYBO`s Farm Co.,Ltd

Joybo’s Farmland is the practice of a qualitative rural revitalization project, which has an exhibition hall and gallery, an office and scientific research exhibition site, and is an art space, connecting the past and future of the field with the building itself.The countryside is not static. When urban people return to the countryside with their latest ideas and vision, they often find that the countryside is different from what they imagined. Therefore, while transforming the countryside, the countryside also influences people imperceptibly, and the two promote and achieve each other.