Viettel Offsite Studio

Firm Location23 55 Street, Quarter 1, Thanh My Loi Ward, Thu Duc city, Ho Chi Minh City, Viet Nam
CompanyVTN Architects
Lead ArchitectVo Trong Nghia
Design TeamMarek Obtulovic, Nguyen Van Thu
ClientViettel Corporation

The building was designed to be an iconic architecture at the Viettel training area. More than 30 meters high, the project is made of concrete walls arranged into V-corners, opening up views to the central lake of the area. In the context of Vietnam, conference and meeting rooms are often designed into crammed closed spaces. With a desire to improve the introverted working conditions, we design the project to have an open and connected space, where nature is immersed into the project through these small V-cornered pockets, creating ideal meeting and learning environment.