[IBUKU  - Lumi Shala - COVER IMG] The Lumi Shala is the gathering, yoga, and meditation space at the Alchemy Yoga Center in Ubud, Bali. Photo Credit: Pempki Studio

Lumi Shala

Firm LocationAbiansemal, Badung Regency, Bali, Indonesia
Project locationUbud, Bali, Indonesia
Lead ArchitectElora Hardy
Design TeamElora Hardy- Creative Director, Defit Wijaya- Head of Architecture, Rowland Sauls- Design Architect, Rita Santosa- Project Architect, Contractor- Bamboo Pure, Structural Engineer- atelier.one, Landscape Design- Kul Kul Farm
ClientAlchemy Yoga and Meditation Center

The Lumi Shala is a wellness space at the Alchemy Yoga Center in Bali. Featuring natural materials with artisanal and innovative systems, its form facilitates balance. Encircled by earthen walls that offer support for yoga practices, it has a comforting sense of enclosure. Bamboo arches soar overhead from mounded foundations, a balance that reflects the human form, grounding and extending. Five gridshell roof petals are arranged for gradients of natural light to wash across each convex interior, bringing focus inward while illuminating a space that best helps embody the yoga practice.