[Iredale Architecture - Doig River Cultural Centre - COVER IMG] Doig River Cultural Centre | Designed by: Iredale Architecture | Photographed by: Ema Peter

Doig River Cultural Centre

Firm LocationVancouver, Canada
CompanyIredale Architecture
Lead ArchitectPeter Hildebrand
Design TeamPeter Hildebrand, Iredale Architecture – Lead Architect/Designer; Brittany Coughlin, RDH Building Science – Passive House Specialist; Erik Olofsson Construction; Urban Systems Engineering; EDG Corporation; Rocky Point Engineering; Equilibrium Consulting
ClientDoig River First Nation

Nestled into the slope in a grove of birch and aspen trees, the design for this community church complements its natural surroundings and stands at the entrance of the community. Designed as a modern answer to the traditional church structure, this Passive Hous Cultural Centre is a hybrid of site-built and prefabricated components. This community sanctuary accommodates up to 150 people, and houses a daycare and Elders’ lounge on the lower floor. The building is Passive House certified, which will result in 90% less energy usage over a conventional building.