Siziwang Banner Grassland Herder Community Center, Inner Mongolia

Firm LocationUlanqab, Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, China
CompanyInner Mongolian Grand Architecture Design CO.,LTD.
Lead ArchitectZhang Pengju
Design TeamZha Lagenbaier, Hu Hehada, Tong Liangang
ClientSiziwang Banner Yicheng Animal Husbandry Co., Ltd.

The project is located in the grassland of Siziwang Banner, which suffers from harsh climate and inconvenient energy supply. The large-scale grassland and the poor road accessibility made it difficult to transport building materials and large machines to the site. Based on the regional climate and resources, three structure systems - raw earth bag building, raw earth modular building and modern light-frame wood building- are developed, which are suitable for the grassland and are low-carbon and low-cost. They are all self-built systems without the use of large-scale machines during constructio