Pabellon de la Reserva

Firm LocationMexico City , Mexico
Lead ArchitectAlejandra Tornel, Santiago Hdz Matos, Jose Fainsod
Design TeamArq. Andrés Fajardo González Arq. Bernardo Bermeo Cervantes Arq. Daniela Parra Orozco Arq. José Pedro López González

Nestled within Reserva Santa Fe, Pabellon de la Reserva emerges as a testament to a balanced way of life—an existence centered around the intimate embrace of nature, all conveniently situated just minutes away from the bustling metropolis of Mexico City. Positioned at the heart of a cold and humid climate, graced by the presence of a small lake, and immersed within the sprawling expanse of the Otomi-Mexica forest, the project faced a multitude of challenges. One was the imperative to conceive an architectural design that could authentically echo the character of its natural environment.