The Outpatient Facility at Cairo University Specialized Pediatric Hospital

Firm LocationTokyo, Japan
Lead ArchitectKazuyuki Otsubo, Shingo Honda
Design TeamShoko Okura, Koji Bono, Hideki Takei, Yosuke Otani, Seiichi Nakamura, Shigeki Hario, Soichi Sahara, Genichiro Hiyama
ClientCairo University, the Arab Republic of Egypt

This is a hospital project in Cairo, Egypt funded by Japanese Grants. Given the nature of the project, the design needed to be low-cost, while taking into consideration the local climate and construction techniques. Because the site is in a dense urban area in Cairo, we aimed to create an architecture that would not affect the surrounding environment but would be memorable to visitors through its sophisticated design. The site is very narrow and surrounded on three sides by adjacent buildings, so we designed the clinic rooms to be roadside to the front to receive natural light.