[Kiltro Polaris Arquitectura & JC Arquitectura - N1 Health Center ESCARCEGA - COVER IMG] Access bay. Photo: Cesar Bejar

N1 Health Center ESCARCEGA

Firm LocationMexico City, Mexico
CompanyKiltro Polaris Arquitectura & JC Arquitectura
Lead ArchitectVictor Imre Ebergenyi Kelly & Juan Carral O'Gorman
Design TeamYissel Alanis Nolasco, Noe Urquijo, Valentina Bellego, Anahí Alvarenga
ClientMinistry of Agrarian, Land and Urban Development

Unlike many of the Mexican cities that began as colonial settlements, the city of Escárcega was established in the early twentieth century with a strong railroad tradition. Today, through a federal investment program, it has the possibility of complementing and improving its urban infrastructure. Within this context N1 Health Center is introduced as an apparent concrete versatile structure, well-ventilated, and naturally illuminated, that will serve the people who live there.