[Hemsworth Architecture - Leon Lebeniste Industrial Facility - COVER IMG] North Facade/Photo Ema Peter

Leon Lebeniste Industrial Facility

Firm LocationVancouver, Canada
CompanyHemsworth Architecture
Lead ArchitectJohn Hemsworth
Design TeamJohn Hemsworth, Niall Jones, Winnie Chiu, Dean Shwedyk
ClientJon Hewitt, Leon Lebeniste Ltd.

The Leon Lebeniste industrial facility is a 2,700 sq.m, 3 story, mass-timber structure located in Squamish, BC. The design of the project emphasized the importance of design & sustainability by using glulam columns and beams with CLT floors and roof. The building reflects the longstanding traditions of of wood construction, and craftsmanship, in the region. The Client was looking to build a shared space to create a local hub for makers and creatives to gather and collaborate. This idea that architecture can extended an invitation to the broader community became central to the design.