[Mino Caggiula Architects - Blade - COVER IMG] Photo Credits: Paolo Volonté


Firm LocationLugano, Switzerland
Project locationCanobbio, Switzerland
CompanyMino Caggiula Architects
Lead ArchitectMino Caggiula
Design TeamPier Luca Carubia, Fabio Fiore, Thomas Giuliani, Alberto Cuneo, Luca Zingaro
ClientTognola Group

The inspiration for this residential complex in Canobbio, Switzerland, comes from the art world, specifically from the works of the artist Richard Serra, evocative spatial sculptures built with metal sheets. On a steep terrain between the vegetation and the lake, the idea was to "carve" the hillside by inserting curved corten steel blades which emerge from the landscape, becoming the hallmark of the project. The intervention in the space stimulates a close dialogue between construction and the surrounding context, integrating precise material choices with the nature of the site.