[Corvin Cristian Studio, AIM Studio, Workroom Architecture - La Gloire Varsovia Street - COVER IMG] Laurian Ghinitoiu

La Gloire Varsovia Street

Firm LocationBucharest, Romania
Project locationBucharest, Romania
CompanyCorvin Cristian Studio, AIM Studio, Workroom Architecture
Lead ArchitectCorvin Cristian
Design TeamCorvin Cristian, Alina Stoica, Iulian Ungureanu, Serban Rosca, Ana Malaianu, Alia Al Jabbari, Petru Lalut, Vlad Hani
ClientLa Gloire

Apartment building. The austerity of the volume is balanced by a palette of rich and warm textured materials as natural Salzburg stone with strong pattern or massive ash details. The context is of a great stylistic variety. The interwar middle bourgeoisie need for representation generated a diversity of styles: neo-Romanian, "Moorish" or "Florentine", Dutch, French, Art-Deco, Modernist. This romantic potpourri seems it could have not withstood yet another architectural gesture, which is why we chose the simplest architectural expression, almost trilithic, ageless.