Midea Under Light Park

Firm LocationShenzhen, China
Project locationGuiyang, China
CompanyDAP Design Co., Ltd. / REMAC TY
Lead ArchitectHU Xiaojun
Design TeamShen Danfeng, Ma Ruize, Bai Yuan, Jiang Xue, Zhu zhongwei, Li Xu, Liu Shanbo
ClientMidea Real Estate Southwest Company

The project is located in Guiyang City, China. This area is the central area of the newly-built CBD. Line 1 passes through this place, and the local government hopes to use the drive of rail transit to implant retail under the green space and endow the land with more possibilities. The project is composed of a municipal park on the ground and retail businesses on the ground floor. How to continue the site culture and balance the contradiction between the park space and the retail space is a topic worthy of discussion in the project.