[Lafina Eptaminitaki - The Word Event - COVER IMG] Site Model 1:1000. Carved Plaster and concrete.

The Word Event

University/SchoolRoyal Danish Academy, Schools of Architecture, Design, and Conservation
Lead ArchitectLafina Eptaminitaki

The Word Event is an experiment to create architecture using a text as the only reference. Sarah Kane’s playscript “Psychosis 4.48” served as both a linguistic and a spatial tool to initiate the design process. Ten steps of analysis and interpretation, employing diverse media (video, photography, diagrams, models, and drawings), culminated in the project’s imprint on Gavdos island, Greece — the southernmost edge of Europe. It embodies a hybrid of architecture, theatre, and language, born from the semiotic experience of a script and performed as multiple individual plays simultaneously.