[Youssef Denial - Physical & Ephemeral Waste - COVER IMG] Physical & Ephemeral Waste/ Youssef Denial

Physical & Ephemeral Waste

Project locationGanvie, Benin
University/SchoolYale University
Lead ArchitectYoussef Denial
Design TeamYoussef Denial, Roy Sewon Kim

The proposed project addresses the issue of physical and cultural waste management in Ganvie, a city on Lake Nokoue in Benin, where all human activity, construction, and culture takes place on the water. (The Venice of Africa). The architecture utilizes the abundant Water Hyacinth plant by treating and recycling it. The floating interventions are built using only local materials, such as bamboo, wood, bolts, concrete, and ropes, and traditional building methods with the purpose of enhancing the community’s activities on the water.