MWH Brand launch-CBD Fair

CompanyClearspace Design & Research
University/SchoolChung Yuan Christian University
Lead ArchitectRyan Kuo
Design TeamRyan Kuo, Lydia Chen, Wendy Wang, Sam Liu, Erin Lee, Jerry Hong, Ava Ye
ClientShenzhen Debao-MWH Technology&Home Co.,Ltd

The annual International Important Exhibition of MWH. The designer uses profound experiential design to emphasize the difference between products and other homogeneous companies. The designer uses the experimental lifestyle of "floating", makes good use of new technology to transform products, and conveys a new life experience in the future. When everything (existence) in space is added up and then canceled out, the sum will be 0. From this point of view,"nothing" is actually "everything". This refers to the existence and cognition of "substance", as well as the feeling of the meaning of life.