[Clearspace Design & Research - A free community settlement - COVER IMG] Leekuomin/Clearspace

A free community settlement

CompanyClearspace Design & Research
University/SchoolChung Yuan Christian University
Lead ArchitectRyan Kuo
Design TeamWendy Wang, Sam Liu, Lydia Chen, Erin Lee, Jerry Hong, Ava Ye
ClientSINYI Real Estate

The customer is real estate, rent and sell properties in communities. The designer extends the concept of community to office design, following the WELL certification guidelines, which gained approval from the owner and provide users the most comfortable working space. The design creating independent spaces for corridors and window views. People walk along winding paths. Walking through between community gatherings, the design utilizes different combinations and stacking of volumes to transform into straight or curved wall, thereby redefining the flow and boundaries of the space.