University/SchoolDepartment of landscape architecture, University of Nevada, Las Vegas
Lead ArchitectXiwei Shen
Design TeamYuxuan Cai, Brenden Berry, Danthai Dimalanta, Cloudia Wooten, Alyssa Gainey, Kiayna Ford, Kaulupali Makaneole, Julian Thomas, Irina Koleva, Rejndi Hylviu, Saul Cardenas-Meza, Nicholas Saito, Blaise Madayag, Karla Nicole Opiniano
ClientUniversity of Nevada, Las Vegas

A series of surveys taken by over 100 students concluded that 75% of students study indoors, before and after their class sessions for an average of 38 hours a week, inside the same four walls of their studio, proven to be a hindrance to the academic performance, motivation, and communal interaction amongst the student body. In order to benefit the community outward, we intend on collaborating with multidisciplinary peers and local businesses, aiming to establish an upward trajectory of quality of school life and create an oasis atmosphere in the desert by applying innovative tech and material