Urban EchoRing:Soundscapes&Circular Connectivity for Urban Vibrancy

Project locationLondon, UK
University/SchoolTongji university,China Academy of Art,Shandong Jianzhu University
Lead ArchitectJinyi Liu
Design TeamYixuan Jiang,Xiao Wang,Hongji Zhang,Yiyi Liu,Yilin Wang,Fan Liu,Mingze Chen

Urban bridges connect riverbanks, enabling resource flow. In London, the Millennium Bridge links north and south banks, but developmental differences result in imbalanced pedestrian soundscapes. While the north thrives, disruptive traffic noise plagues the south, hampering its appeal. This project employs social media data and machine learning to identify issues and propose design strategies. Enhancing vitality, soundscapes, and emotional value, these strategies address disparities, improve accessibility, stimulate businesses, and provide spaces for all. By fostering human-nature connections.