[Yuming Wu - Perishing Kailash : Permafrost Restoration in tibet - COVER IMG] Pershing Kailash: Permafrost Restoration in Tibet

Perishing Kailash : Permafrost Restoration in tibet

Project locationTibet
Lead ArchitectYuming Wu
Design TeamXinhangYan YuxuanWang KaiZheng ChengtaoLi YujinZheng

Located at the intersection of China, Nepal, and India, Mountain Kailash serves as a holy land for Tibetan Buddhism, Hinduism, Jainism, and Bon. Because of global warming, permafrost degradation threatens the natural and cultural treasures along the pilgrimage route in Kailash, jeopardizing the faith support of believers. The purpose of the project is to preserve the sacred landscapes along the pilgrimage route through restoration of permafrost. Thermosiphon is the primary technology for refreezing the melting permafrost. It is integrated with local landscapes to create different interventions