[Yu Qin & Ran He - KEBELE 19: Within, On, and Beyond the Boundary - COVER IMG] Top: Collective Working Space. Bottom: Dynamic Space for Market, Community Activities

KEBELE 19: Within, On, and Beyond the Boundary

Project locationAddis Ababa, Ethiopia
University/SchoolHarvard Graduate School of Design
Lead ArchitectYu Qin & Ran He

Shiro Meda is famous for its traditional textile and clothing. To help this neighborhood transform its economy to be market-compatible and maintain its cultural identity, we propose a ring infrastructure. It enhances competitiveness by creating synergies of working and encourages collaboration between designers and businesses. In the long run, it accommodates the financial needs of kebele 19 and fosters its communal identity. The second level is to convert the current linear flow of resources and products to a circular economy where resources and waste are reused or repurposed.