[Zih-Yun Lin - SDC - COVER IMG] SDC diaper changing table/ Image from Zih-Yun Lin, You-Jie Wu


Project locationTaipei, Taiwan
University/SchoolMing Chi University of Technology
Lead ArchitectZih-Yun Lin
Design TeamZih-Yun Lin, You-Jie Wu, Instructor: Prof. Kai-Chu Li

SDC is a diaper changing table that uses water heating to sterilize. When the table is closed, it will sterilize and rinse with water before turning into steam, dirty water will flow through the connected pipe. The internal temperature sensor detects 90 °C, gradually increasing the temperature to turn into steam, and begin sterilizing and drying. For safety reasons, the table can't be opened before complete sterilization. There is space on the side of the table to temporarily place dirty diapers to avoid contact with the baby's skin.