[Rottet Studio - Rottet Studio Houston Office - COVER IMG] Courtesy of Rottet Studio

Rottet Studio Houston Office

Firm LocationHouston, United States
CompanyRottet Studio
Lead ArchitectKyle Rottet
Design TeamLauren Rottet, Kyle Rottet, Chris Evans, Anja Majkic, Jeff Horning

When Rottet Studio relinquished their Houston office lease they fled the concrete streets of downtown in favor of lush, quiet land along Buffalo Bayou to promote a better work environment for their design team. The team re-conceptualized this home into a modern workspace that would accommodate their current staff and allow for future growth. The Miesian-like structure features windows on all sides allowing natural light to flow freely throughout the space and offers unobstructed views across the water to the arboretum. A small boat house with a connected bridge provides access to paddle boats.