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The East Seoul Bus Terminal

Firm LocationHong Kong, China
Project locationSeoul, South Korea
CompanyTFP Farrells limited
Lead ArchitectStefan Krummeck
Design TeamArchitectural Design: Stefan Krummeck (Farrells); Traffic and Transportation Engineering: Francis Sootoo (MVA Asia / Systra)
ClientHanjin Heavy Industries

The East Seoul Bus Terminal Project aims at modernizing deteriorated bus terminal facilities to a mixed-use TOD complex envisaged to connect people to people and city to city, a major transport hub in northeastern region of Seoul and an upscale shopping, leisure, tour and living quarter. The terminal shall be a showcase for innovative and functional ideas to address key design issues of a regional historical transport interchange and gateway to Seoul with underground bus terminal embracing nature, multi-functional retail and amenities, enhanced urban integration and sustainable life style.