[Aedas - Chengdu Dong'an Lake Kapok Hotel - COVER IMG] Main Entrance; Photo by Arch-Exist Photography

Chengdu Dong'an Lake Kapok Hotel

Firm LocationHong Kong, Hong Kong
Project locationChengdu, China
Lead ArchitectKevin Wang
ClientChina Resources Land Ltd.

The hotel sits in the centre of the Dong'an Lake Park in Chengdu, China, next to civic amenities including Universidad Sports Centre, multi-functional stadium and swimming pool. The hotel houses 351 south-facing rooms, optimising each room view with natural landscape and lake. While the cascading terraces at the sides create a vibrant architectural form and rooftop gardens, undulating façade mimics the ripples of Dong'an Lake. Through a close connection with the Dong'an Lake and cotton flowers, the Hotel will provide a tranquil environment and a pleasant staying experience for all the guest.