[Aedas - Pragati Maidan Integrated Exhibition & Convention Centre - COVER IMG] Photo by India Trade Promotion Organisation (ITPO)

Pragati Maidan Integrated Exhibition & Convention Centre

Firm LocationHong Kong, Hong Kong
Lead ArchitectRafael Acosta
Design TeamSimon Griffiths, Miguel Fernandes, Marta Chaves, Rachel Tanamas
ClientNBCC (India) Limited & India Trade Promotion Organisation (ITPO)

The Pragati Maidan International Exhibition & Convention Centre is a world-class venue for exhibitions and conventions showcasing India's approach to the future while respecting architectural traditions. The 123.5-acre site provides over 100,000 sq m of exhibition space with a planned capacity of 13,500 people. Circular geometry depicts equal respect for the public and civic importance. The design integrates water and stepped public spaces for gathering symbolising accessibility for all. Features manifest the client's vision through locally sourced materials and traditional colours.