[General Architecture - Cederhusen - COVER IMG] Johan Dehlin, General Architecture


Firm LocationStockholm, Sweden
Project locationStockholm City
CompanyGeneral Architecture
Lead ArchitectJosef Eder SAR/MSA, John Billberg SAR/MSA
Design TeamOlof Grip, Fabian Blücher, Erik Persson, Fredrik Sjölander, Nils-Erik Fransson, Sofia Chinita, Agnes Rudehill Olcén, Maciej Lerch-Zajaczkowski, Sébastien Berthier, Sara Patriksson, Emma Lindén, Edvard Lindblom, Sofia Enquist, Beatrice Dinu, Sanna Mattsson
ClientFolkhem Trä AB

Cederhusen is a residential project in the new district Hagastaden in Stockholm. It consists of 245 apartments in two blocks with four buildings, one 13 floors high. 8798 cubic meters of Swedish-produced cross laminated timber make it one of the largest solid wood projects in the world. The blocks span over two highway and one railway tunnels. Cedar shingle façade, oak detailing in both entrances and dwellings, exposed CLT core in stairwells. The façade work as a modern interpretation of Stockholm stone town architecture with its clear order, structure, plinth, eaves and entrances to the city.