[AD+studio - The CORE - COVER IMG] The main structure of the neighborhood remains undamaged. There are only a few changes in the room layout and decorations depending on the needs of each household.


Firm LocationHo Chi Minh, Viet Nam
Lead ArchitectNguyen Dang Anh Dung
Design TeamNguyen Thi Anh Thu, Nguyen Van Trung, Tran Tuan Kiet, Vo Dinh Huynh

Overally, two-story building blocks are laid out around a shared courtyard, which helps as a space to catch wind and light while also being an area for communal interaction. Individually, each module of the two upper-lower houses shares a mutual atrium. This is the natural light and vetilation solution created by a typical shophouse's long and narrow floor plan. Those two sharing aspects in both general composition and module structure illustrate the connecting characteristic of the Chinese community The renovation focuses on exploiting the value of those atriums - THE CORES.